TERMS & CONDITION – Between Lessor & Lessee

Lessee call here = L1
Lessor ( ccboat at Sundancer Invest LLC) call here = L2

The L1( Lessee) acknowledges he/she has carefully examined the craft and finds it suitable for the purpose for which it is leased, and that other accessory equipment is in suitable and acceptable condition; that he/she will maintain both craft and equipment in a safe, dependable condition while in his/her custody.

Cash security deposit shall be retained by the L1( Lessee) as partial compensation for failing to return said rental craft in as good condition , ordinary wear and tear excluded, as when received: for reimbursement of articles damaged , missing or broken equipment; or to be applied to the rental charges upon return of the craft by L2 ( Lessor). The foregoing shall not limit L1 ( Lessee) ability to seek its further damages at law or equity. Late delivery in case of bad weather condition or technical problems on boat lock’s or boat lift’s will not resold in a refund.

The craft carries insurance protection with $ 500.00 to $ 2,000.00 -security deposit-,(dependent; type of craft) of deduction, per case.

L1( Lessee) is obliged to read the weather report daily before starting boating.
The daily weather report and permit ting’s are to read on our web page www.ccboat.com
If no access to internet L1 need to call L2 daily for permissions.
This daily information & permit ting’s is part of the rent contract between L1 and L2.
L2 ( Lessor) reserves the right to cancel the rent Agreement due to inclement or impending bad weather.

L1 agrees not to use, nor permit the use:

  • Of the rental craft for any unlawful purpose;
  • Of the rental craft in a careless or negligent manner;
  • Of the rental craft while under the influence of liquor/ or narcotics;
  • Of the rental craft by any other person not the signatory of the rent contract, or not equally qualified.
  • Gas from regular Car Gas Station. (Filling gas is only on boat gas station permitted!!!)
  • Of towing, other boats or connecting water ski or knee boards on our rental boat.
  • Operation aria- covered by SEA TOW- is Lee County boat aria only!!.
  • North: Marker 49. Captiva Pass.
  • South: Big Hickory Pass & drive round Ft Myers Beach, Sanibel Island, Captiva Island & North Captiva Island.
  • River: ALVA
  • Max. 1/2 mile offshore ( Gulf of Mexico)
  • For your information…please Google this aria!!

In the event of malfunction, breakdown, or if any defect is discovered after acceptance of the rental craft that L1 ( Lessee) will immediately report same to L2 ( Lessor). Continued use of it shall be entirely at the L1 ( Lessee) risk and thus L1 (Lessee) assumes all liabilities of injury and damage to all persons and property that may become involved by its continued use.

In case of technical problems (engines problems or steering problems etc.) L1 ( Lessee) has to contact immediately L2( Lessor) and wait for Sea Tow or other help. L1 ( Lessee) is fully responsibility safe person and rent craft and do not leave the rent craft before Sea Tow has the craft under safety control.


If L1 cancel the contract 3 months before renting period starting, down payment amount is not refundable.
If L1 cancel the contract 4 weeks before renting period starting, cancelation fee is 50% on rental amount only.
If L1 cancel the contract 2 weeks or less before renting period starting, full payment is cancelation fee.

Should any term or condition be held void or unenforceable, then that term shall be deemed severed from this Agreement and the enforceability of the remainder shall not be affected and will remain in full force and effect.